Is there technology available to help my communication?

Yes, there is hardware and software that can be used to help with your communication. There are large specialist firms that design and supply tech that helps people with complex speech and language needs to communicate; known as “augmentative and assistive communication” (AAC) solutions. We also use applications that can be downloaded to a tablet […]

Are there grants and funding for my speech therapy?

The NHS provides a pathway of support but additional or bespoke services can often be needed and funding can be a difficult field to navigate.  In England there is a network of Specialist Augmentative and Alternative Communication Services that provide alternative communication, environment control and computer control solutions to people that need them. These in […]

I’m a AXA PPP Heathcare member how do I start therapy?

We are approved by Axa PPP Healthcare for speech therapy. The steps below allow you to get authorisation with Axa PPP and allows us to liaise with them rapidly. These steps help to ensure you can be treated by us quickly and efficiently. Steps to get us Axa PPP approval for treatment: Contact Axa PPP […]

Are you registered with Insurance Companies?

Yes, we are registered with various insurance companies: AXA PPP Healthcare — Gayle Chandler Provider number GC02284. AVIVA BUPA UK and BUPA International/ BUPA Global — Gayle Chandler Provider number 30038203. WPA SimplyHealth Cigna PruHealth (previously Standard Life Healthcare) Helix Sessions will need to be approved by your insurance company in order for them to […]

I’m a Bupa member how do I start therapy?

We are approved by BUPA for therapy. The steps below allow you to get pre-authorisation with BUPA and allows us to liaise with them quickly. These steps help to ensure you can be assessed and treated by us quickly and efficiently. Steps to get us BUPA approval for treatment: Contact BUPA for Pre-Authorsation for therapy. […]

How do you ensure privacy of information?

The Information Commissioner’s Office recommends that the sending of personal and confidential data by email is secured by using a trusted network or by encrypting the data. Bakchat uses a system for sending and receiving secure emails – Egress Switch. You will need to register for a free Egress account before you are able to access secure messages […]

What resources do you use?

We have a range of resources that can assist you. Some of these are available publicly or through an app store. Some devices we are familiar with could also be available from community health services or purchased privately. We shall recommend resources you can use to help with your impairment and also with trials in many […]

What is an adult speech therapist?

A speech therapist is a health professional that works with a range of communication swallowing impairments. In our case, we work with adults and not children. Impairments we are experienced with includes: Traumatic brain injury Aphasia Voice disorders Eating & swallowing difficulties (dysphagia) Stammering (dysfluency)

What happens in an assessment?

In an assessment, we use a mix of formal and informal techniques to understand your communication or swallowing needs. This is then used to plan effective, accessible therapy for you. If your needs are more complex we can liaise both with NHS and private hospital in order to make a thorough and complete assessment is […]

What is involved in a treatment plan?

After an assessment, a personal course of therapy can be planned. We use a range of therapy resources to ensure that each and every therapy session is functional and effective. We have standard tests and resources and also active users of devices and software to support you. We have relationships with community rehabilitation teams and […]