Our Give Back campaign is a request to the public in the South East to donate devices (tablets and smartphones) that we provide to our patients free with software we buy where they may not be available privately.

We sit in an unfortunate position between the lack of resources to provide intensive rehabilitation on the public purse and the improvements this type of approach can have for people.

Over 10 years working in an intensive rehabilitation unit within the Ministry of Defense with injured soldiers has given us firsthand experience of the benefits of intensive rehabilitation and how using technology, when a therapist is not there, can improve lives.

If you have an Iphone, Tablet, Samsung Phone or Windows Surface that sits in a drawer please consider gifting it to us.

You may feel the resale value isn’t worth the hassle? However, helping us with that device can help someone improve their life. We use free and paid software on a device to improve their communication needs.

The detailed bit

  • Please ensure the device is in fair condition and working order. We cannot provide technology to people if the screens broken or device is unworkable. We are trying to help people, not do technology repairs.
  • Do a factory reset and delete all personal data.
  • If you can help, contact us on by the form below and we can provide details on our mail address or arrange local collection in East Surrey.


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