A flexible approach to fit your needs.

Here is an idea of how we work.
An quick response to your enquiry
A free telephone consultation with a therapist without obligation
Consideration of how each client can achieve the therapy gains they are looking for using our range of therapies
A choice of therapists along with their profiles so that each client can decide if they are the right choice of therapist
A phone call with the therapist prior to booking an assessment date
An appointment within one week of your enquiry – we never keep you waiting
A discussion regarding your therapy budget so we can offer the most effective therapy plan
A detailed assessment carried out by a fully qualified therapist followed by a clear therapy plan tailored to meet your therapy budget and your lifestyle. We have no pre-set therapy packages, they are all tailored to each client’s unique needs
The option of online therapy using Skype. Online therapy allows each client to call upon therapy as and when it’s required.